New Website New Features

Welcome to the fresh, new chapter of Ali Bongo with our completely revamped website! It's a thrill to invite you back to a space where we've blended simplicity and functionality to create an entirely refreshed shopping experience for your cannabis seeds. Our team has poured energy and innovation into every pixel over the last year, constructing a site that mirrors the quality and care we invest in our seeds.

Welcome to the Next Chapter of Ali Bongo Cannabis Seeds

Having been in the business for 30+ years we understand how daunting to buy the right cannabis seeds when you're not exactly sure what you're after in the first place, so we've streamlined all of our product categories to ensure you get to the seeds you need quicker and without a fuss and made many other well-needed quality of life improvements.

Just Want the Best? Head Over to Our Top 20 Seeds

Eager to explore? Wander into our brand-new 'Top 20 Seeds' category, where you'll find a cornucopia of our all-time bestsellers and sub-categories tailored to your specific gardening needs, whether it's feminised, autoflowering, classic, US, regular, or CBD-rich seeds you're after.

Have more specific needs? Introducing Bongo Recommends

For those who look for guidance in the vast sea of options, 'Bongo Recommends' is your new go-to with quick links to popular seed types, masterfully curated for every gardener's profile. Is growing now becoming legal in your country and you're unsure what the best seeds are to start your growing journey? We've just created our Beginner Seeds category, so browse with confidence knowing the odds are in your favour. We also have quick links to a plethora of Fast Flowering Seeds, High Yield Seeds, High THC Seeds and our very own Bongo Seeds which we've spent years growing from the ground up to bring you nothing but excellence.

A Place for the Old School Classics and for the New School Hard Hitters; US and Classics


We've curated seperate sections for those old school dutch classics and the modern and innovative strains that are coming from the world's top breeders in the US.

Need Some Detective Work? Explore our Seed Finder

Navigate our selection seamlessly with the Seed Finder, a revolutionary tool that pairs your needs and wants with the perfect seeds.

Upgraded Filters

Who's got time for endless scrolling? Not us, and definitely not you! That's why we've jazzed up our filter game, big time. Browse any category and you'll find the option to use filters; underneath the category title on mobile, and on the left on desktop.

Ultimate Convenience; One-Page Checkout

Experience the ultimate in convenience with our streamlined checkout process, designed for a swift and secure transaction. We have fully encrypted industry standard credit card processing for your peace of mind.

Brand New Special Offers and Free Seeds

We're also launching some new promotions so you can get more bang for your buck whether it's with a special offer on discounted seeds or for getting extra free seeds.

A Whole Bunch of New Seeds from Top Breeders

Buckle up for the roll-out of some straight-up amazing new seeds we've wrangled from the world’s most revered cannabis seed breeders. These aren't just any seeds; they're the cream of the crop, handpicked for folks who want to grow the dankest, most envy-inducing buds around.

Spot-On Stock

We're not about letting you down with the old 'out of stock' blues. Nope, our real-time updates mean that what you see is what you get – no more daydreaming about strains that are out of reach. With our on-the-ball inventory, you're always browsing the latest and greatest we have on shelf.

Updated Security; Returning Customers Need to Recreate Their Accounts

We've got a bit of housekeeping to chat about — account updates. We totally get that recreating your account might feel like re-potting a perfectly happy plant, but here's the scoop: safety first, always. We've upgraded our system to be seriously secure for your peace of mind. So, while it might take an extra minute to set up your new account, rest assured that your info is locked down tight.

What's Next?

We've got a whole lot of ideas cooking up behind the scenes, many of which we're already working hard to implement. From a brand new loyalty scheme involving Bongo Coins, to more promotions, categories and seeds added to the website. Want to stay in the know? Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear about what's coming next.

As with anything new, there may be a few creases to iron out, so if you find anything that's not quite right we'd love for you to get in touch with us to let us know!