Cannabis Seed Finder

Welcome to our Cannabis Seed Finder! Discovering the ideal seeds for your needs is now easier than ever. Simply indicate your preferences, and we'll guide you towards the perfect selection—or the closest match available. Don't hesitate to skip any questions if you prefer. If all options appear grayed out, worry not; you can still proceed with your search.

What type of seed are you looking for?

Photoperiod seeds start flowering depending on a light cycle, whereas Autoflowering seeds start flowering automatically.

What seed sex are you looking for?

Feminised seeds contain 99% female seeds, Regular seeds contain a mixture of male and female seeds. There is a far smaller selection of Regular seeds

How quickly do you want your seed to finish its flowering phase?

This is the time it takes for Cannabis plants to flower, or to grow buds.

Do you want seeds suited for indoor use or outdoor use?

The vast majority of seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

What type of strain are you looking for?

What genotype are you looking for?

What size harvest do you want from your seeds?

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