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Ceres Seeds

Ceres Seeds

Ceres Seeds is a 100% homegrown Dutch seed company. Its history goes back to 1988 when its founders started their first seeds and cuttings. In the early 1990's they worked for the old, infamous Dreadlock Coffeeshop in Amsterdam's Red Light District, as well at reputable seed companies such as Sensi Seed Bank, where they learned how to produce and cross strong, healthy plants. They approached breeding with the simple philosophy of easy, reliable and 100% stable strains. In 1999 they made the big step and started Ceres Seeds. They took the name Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture and motherly love. Her name derives from the Proto-Indo-European root "Ker," meaning "to grow," which is also the root for the words "create" and "increase". Ali Bongo are honoured to be offering such amazing genetics from Ceres such as the very popular Lemonesia and the landrace cross White Panthera, A.K.A. White Smurf.

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