White Strawberry Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Strain Hunters

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Experience the fruitiest strain ever bred - White Strawberry Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Strain Hunters. A must-try for any cannabis enthusiast.
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Introducing White Strawberry Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Strain Hunters

Get ready to experience the fruitiest strain of cannabis ever bred - White Strawberry Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Strain Hunters. This strain boasts a delicious strawberry aroma, thanks to its heritage from the famous Swiss strain called Erdbeer. The dense resin formation is reminiscent of the iconic White Widow strain, making it a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast.

Plant Characteristics

The White Strawberry Skunk Feminised plant is medium to tall in height, with medium-sized internodes and long branches. It prefers a moderate feeding regime and is ready for harvesting in just 8-9 weeks of flowering. The buds are large, irregular in shape, and covered in thick resin, making it a sight to behold.

Aroma and Taste

The aroma of White Strawberry Skunk Feminised translates well after combustion, producing a full strawberry flavor with a skunky aftertaste. The taste is a mix of strawberry, tropical fruits, mossy, and skunky earthy background. The scent of the unburned bud is fruity, sweet, and almost creamy.

High Quality and Medicinal Qualities

White Strawberry Skunk Feminised produces a complex high that creeps slowly but stays long. It starts with a mild but pleasant body-effect and then progresses to a stronger social cerebral high. This strain is medicinally useful as an antidepressant, making it a great choice for those looking for a natural alternative to traditional medication.


  • Height: medium-tall plant with internodes between 10-15 cm.
  • Flowering Indoor: 8-9 weeks flowering time. Yield up to 0.8 gram (dry and manicured) per watt per m2 (with 1000W HPS).
  • Flowering Outdoor: 9 weeks flowering time, with production up to 1Kg per plant depending on the final size. Support for the long branches is recommended.
  • Taste (burned): strawberry, tropical fruits, mossy, with a skunky earthy background.
  • Scent (unburned): fruity, sweet, almost creamy.
  • What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: Irregular shaped, medium density, small calyx and very dense resin.
  • Speed of high onset: creeper
  • Duration of high: long lasting.
  • Quality/type of high: mild, complex, body-like at first, then more cerebral and social.
  • Medicinal qualities: good as an anti-depressant.

Experience the delicious aroma and complex high of White Strawberry Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Strain Hunters, available now at Ali Bongo.

More Information
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Strain typeWhite Strains
GenotypeIndica / Sativa Hybrid
Flowering Time8 to 10 Weeks
Indoor/OutdoorIndoor, Outdoor
Outdoor Harvest TimeUnknown
Pack SizePack of 3, Pack of 5, Pack of 10
BrandStrain Hunters Seedbank

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