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Super CBDx

Super CBDx

After surviving cancer and the prospect of mortality the founder of Super CBDx, PJ, wanted to create Cannabis plants that were very high in CBD and exceptionally low in THC. PJ's quest began in early 2010. He read everything he could find on growing, plant genetics and CBD/THC, after some time, PJ acquired genetics from Northern California and Spain and commenced his breeding programme. In August 2011, PJ's first plant that laboratory tests confirmed was high in CBD with near zero THC was discovered, following that, PJ had a phone call with DJ short in California, DJ Short's comment was "it's the discovered of the CBD Holy Grail" and Super CBDx formed as a seedbank. Since it's birth Super CBDx has been exceptionally successful with such strains as White Widow, Jack Herer and Blue Cheese that have been modified to boast insane levels of CBD. Collectors interested in Medical strains should 100% check out Super CBDx's variety, these are game-changing genetics in the world of medical marijuana, and, it's all on offer right here at Ali Bongo.

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