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Medical Marijuana Genetics

Medical Marijuana Genetics

In 2014, the founders of Medical Marijuana gneetics started to become aware of the many therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant whilst desperately treating the symptons of one of their mother's late stage pancreatic cancer. Not long after her first dose of cannabis oil, her ability to move around relatively pain free was hugely increased, enabling her to tend to her beloved garden in the weeks leading up to her death. The benefit that the cannabis oil had given her was clearly visable to those around her and awoke a passion and deep interested in the use of cannabis as a medicine. Shortly after, Medical Marijuana Genetics was born and a little later, a concept to source and sell seeds that could create plants with exciting therapeutic benefit, at the same time as raising awareness. Here at Ali Bongo you can find all of Medical Marijuana Genetics' strains available, all of which are absolutely essential for the collector interested particularly in Medical strains of this amazing plant.

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