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Female Seeds

Female Seeds

Female Seeds entered the market in 2003. Ferry the main breeder starting making regular seeds during his study in the early 90's, just as an extra income. Then, later on in the 90's there was a massive demand for seeds in the Netherlands and Ferry soon found himself breeding seeds and studying on the side. "I never thought an extra student income would lead to such a serious business. Ultimately my dream was to save money for a self-sufficient eco-farm!". Now Female Seeds is a very respected seed company and has had huge success because of the low prices quality seeds concept, so successful infact that at points they really strugglied to meet demand for their genetics! All profits from Female Seeds will be invested into cooperative systems, ecological projects and regenerative agriculture to help people live a happy and sustainable lifestyle. Here at Ali Bongo we love everything that Female Seeds stand for and their kind-hearted nature, which is why we always will have Female Seeds on offer. They are incredibly popular at Ali Bongo, especially White Widow x Big Bud in both it's photoperiod and autoflowering forms.

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