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Zambeza Seeds - Choco Candy Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Choco Candy is maybe the most popular of all the near countless chocolate-themed strains now in existence. A look at the specifics of this variety reveals some of the reasons that Choco Candy currently dominates this facet of the cannabis world.

Zambeza Seeds - Choco Candy Feminised Cannabis Seeds

In the current environment of increasingly complex hybrids, Choco Candy is a refreshingly straightforward sativa. The two genetic antecedents of Choco Candy are the sativa dominant Chocolate Haze and OG Chocolate Thai. Both of these strains boast a characteristically energetic, focused and uplifting sativa effect. All of this contributes to the euphoric, cerebral effects of this sativa, as well as the distinct chocolate and earthy fruit elements of its flavor.

With its genetic heritage, Choco Candy has unsurprisingly uplifting effects, including increased energy and enhanced creativity. This is certainly a strain for earlier in the day. Choco Candy has been noted by some sufferers of stress and anxiety for its potential relief in those areas. This strain has also been praised  thanks to its focused, head-clearing effects. The inspirational features of Choco Candy have earned this strain devotees in a variety of artistic fields. Many users report euphoric after effects lingering long after the acute effect, another reason this is a good daytime strain.

As the name implies, chocolate is dominant in this strain’s flavor profile. Like other chocolate-named strains, there are also unmistakable notes of coffee and a subtle sweetness present. The coffee flavor is appropriate for a variety that so many users prefer in the morning. Naturally, the OG Chocolate Thai element of Choco Candy’s genetics promotes both the sweetness and the vaguely tropical undertones of this variety. The flavor also carries an overriding earthiness which complements the sweetness nicely.

Choco Candy seeds are ideal for growers who are interested in a substantial yield without having to dedicate substantial time or effort. Plants grow to about 120 centimeters, with some reaching heights of 150 centimeters. A flowering time of 65 days yields between 400 and 450 grams per square meter, with exceedingly large and dense, orange and cocoa color tinged buds produced by these towering plants. Although Choco Candy plants grow lush and tall, they are hearty and easy to care for with a relatively short flowering period. The only issue is ensuring these plants have enough room.

  • Genetics: Chocolate Haze x OG Chocolate Thai
  • THC: n/a
  • Flowering Time: +/- 65 days
  • Type: Sativa dominant
  • Height Indoor: 100cm - 150cm
  • Height Outdoor: 120cm - 200cm
  • Yield Indoor: g/m² 400 - 450 grams
  • Yield Outdoor: g/plant 400 - 500 grams
  • Taste: Chocolate, Fresh, Fruity
  • Effect: High, Euphoric, Uplifting

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Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant
Strains: Fruity Strains
Type: Feminised Seeds
Photoperiod/ Autoflowering: Photoperiod
Flowering Time - Indoor: 10 Weeks or More
Breeder: Zambeza Seeds