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Krypted K Pen Vape Express Kit

The Krypted K Pen Vape Express Kit is all you need to start vaping CBD! Includes 1 120mg flavour of your choice.

Krypted K Pen Vape Express Kit

The K Pen by Krypted uses superior vape technology and an upgraded battery system for the most enjoyable and easy vape experience on the market; want to start vaping CBD but you're getting confused with all the tanks, mods and juices? Then the K Pen is a perfect solution for you. The K Pen is so easy to use, it's as simple as just inhaling; the device uses an autodraw mechanism so you won't even need to push any buttons! The unit is small and is ideal for travelling with and it's so easy to change the cartridges. Charging is made so simple with the special magnetic charging port that plugs into a USB port. The K Pen has 4 flavours convenienly contained in replacable cartridges, each one containing 120mg of CBD and an unbeatable, mouthwatering taste.

The K Pen Kit by Krypted comes with 1 flavoured cartridge included, but there are 4 flavours available in total:-

  • White Peach - Refreshing like the first bite of a fresh peach.
  • Strawberry Lemonade - The refreshing scent and taste of this Strawberry Lemonade is all you need to enjoy a perfect day of sitting and watching the clouds roll by in the sky.
  • Mango - Vibrant and elegant, Mango will dance on your palete.
  • OG Kush - That classic pine taste we all know and love

Please be aware that all of these cartridges contain only CBD, there is no THC present.

Included the Krypted K Pen Kit:-

  • 1 x K Pen
  • 1 x 120mg Flavoured Cartridge of your choice
  • 1 x Charger

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Breeder: CBD Products - Not Seeds
CBD - Brand: Krypted
CBD - Type: CBD Vape Kit
CBD - Strength: 120mg