G13 Labs - Lemon Amber Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds 5 Pack

A very stable and reliable plants with bountiful yields. Lemon Amber Kush (Pot of Gold (F1) x elite Lemon Skunk Clone) Feminised Cannabis Seeds by G13 Labs

G13 Labs - Lemon Amber Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds 5 Pack

Lemon Amber Kush is a cross of Pot of Gold (F1) and the original elite Lemon Skunk clone from Las Vegas. The result of blending these two old school strains is a very stable and reliable plant with massive yields. Lemon Amber Kush is the kind of cannabis plant that truly has it all: aroma, flavour, and quality of the end product.

Stable F1 genetics from both parents will ensure easy and vigorous growth. A bit of stretch is foreseen during the first weeks of flowering, but the Lemon Amber Kush grows robust and should be able to hold heavily budded branches without support. The buds of the Lemon Amber Kush are very hard with an organse and silver shine thanks to trichomes she produces and sugar coated leaves. She will captivate you with her strong, sweet taste of caramel and hashish with hints of skunk and citrus. Lemon Amber Kush has a low leaf to bud ratio making her an easy crop. She makes a great addition to the genetic library.

  • Sex: Feminised
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Flowering Time: 8 - 9 Weeks
  • Genetics: Pot of Gold (F1) x Elite Lemon Skunk Clone
  • Yield: High
  • Pack Size: 5

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Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant
Flowering Time - Outdoor: Unknown
Type: Feminised Seeds
Photoperiod/ Autoflowering: Photoperiod
Flowering Time - Indoor: 8 to 10 Weeks
Pack Size: Pack of 5
Breeder: G13 Labs