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Fast Buds Seeds - Wedding Glue Auto Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

An easy to grow auto that only takes around 63-70 days from seed to harvest, provides super yields and is a great contender for making concentrates with.

Fast Buds Seeds - Wedding Glue Auto Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

You can expect these plants to grow fairly tall, up to around 120cm, so she's not the most discreet. However with this height comes large yields of up to 550gr/m2 in just 9-10 weeks! The side branches that surround the main cola will grow tightly together which will give the plant a more dense and compact look despite its' height. The dense and compact buds should have a milky-white hue thanks to the heavy coating of trichomes and with a closer look you'll see patches of darker greeen with a few orange hairs. The large calyxes may sometimes show a hiint of purple and with that comes a creamy aroma of vanilla that explodes into glorious scents when the bud is opened up. She's the ideal candidate for making extractions from thanks to the tasty terpene profile and the quality & quantity of resin.

Due to the density while growing you may want to use some techniques to help light and airflow reach down inbetween the comapct leaves and buds. This is a mold resistant strain, however it is still recommended to ensure that too much moisture doesn't build up amongst the jungle of vegetation. It's super easy to grow so both novices and experienced growers will be able to reap the rewards of this strain. Use some good nutrients to ensure you get the most out of her, and it's recommended to flush during the last few weeks of flowering to enhance aroma and encourage more vibrant colours to show themselves.

Wedding Glue Auto has a surprisingly balanced effect despite being an indica dominant plant. It will start off as uplifting and motivating giving you a boosted mood and a sense of creativity. This will slowly transition to a heavy relaxtion that is wonderful for releasing stress in both your body and mind. The flavour will appeal to those with a sweet tooth and will be great for making sweet terpenes. A strong taste of vanilla frosting will flood your mouth initially but as you inhale and exhale you will notice touches of a more peppery and sour note beneath the strong sweetness.

  • Sex: Feminised
  • Flowering Type: Autoflowering
  • Genetics: Wedding Glue Auto
  • Genotype: Indica 60% | Sativa 40%
  • Flowering: 9 - 10 Weeks
  • Seed to Harvest: 63-70 Days
  • Yield: 450 - 550gr/m2 | 60 - 160 gr/plant
  • Height: 70-120cm
  • THC: Up to 26%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Taste: Sweet, Earthy, Vanilla

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Under Section 6 of the UK Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 it is an offence to cultivate any plant of the genus Cannabis in the UK without a license from the Secretary of State.All seeds are sold as souvenirs only. Due to the fact that some countries legally allow growing of hemp seeds some specifics are documented. This data is normally distributed via the World Wide Web and is available internationally. It is supplied to us by the breeder. Ali Bongo can accept no responsibility if you choose to break the law. Please don't.


Breeder: Fast Bud Seeds
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor & Outdoor
Flowering Type: Autoflowering
Flowering Time: 8 to 10 Weeks
Indica or Sativa: Indica Dominant
Outdoor Harvest Time: Unknown
Sex: Feminised

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