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Fast Buds Seeds - Forbidden Runtz Auto Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

A fruity strains that packs a punch and will be sure to leave a good impression; Forbidden Runtz has some lovely features.

Fast Buds Seeds - Forbidden Runtz Auto Feminised Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Forbidden Runtz is an Indica dominant hybrid that has been carefully selected to give you the best out of both its' parent plants. Expect a taller plant that can reach heights of around 130cm, produce yields of up to 550gr/m2 and has a THC content of around 26%. The side branches of the plant can grow almost as large as the main cola, making it a rather bushy variety that shows that hybrid vigor that's in its' genetics. It will produce large, fan like leaves that will sprout from every internode where you will see more rounded nugs the size of golf balls as well as the more obelisk shaped main bud at the top. This strain is an extraordinary yielder that is also the ideal choice for making extracts thansk to the resin production. The buds grow more densely compared to other similar strains an develop an almost spear-like shape with swollen calyxes. They'll be coevred in a rich layer of resin and you should see small orange hairs emerging through the blanket of whitish green crystals.  

Fast buds recommend using the SCROG method, or any other that will allow extra support for the branches when the buds become heavier and weight them down. LST techniques can also be used to allow better airflow amongst the dense foliage, and to allow light to filter better and reach more of the plant. These tenchiques will greatly increase yields and the overall quality of the harvest. Flushing thoroughly is also advised as this will help you attain the full potential of this lovely strain during the curing process.

The flavour profile of Forbidden Runtz is complex and keeps you on your toes. On the inhale you can expect that classic forbidden fruit flavour, but with some more sweetness and depth thanks to some more earthy terpenes. The result is a smooth and creamy tasting smoke that slowly evolves into a citrus candy flavour. If you prefer varieties that keep you guessing with every toke then this would be the prefect one to try.

The effect is well balanced; giving you a deep relaxation but allowing you to still go out and about to do activities. A strong, giggly corporal high that will give you that classic Sativa feeling will slowly transform to a more heavy feeling where a sofa will be your best friend. Ideal for helping melt away the stressors of the modern world while letting you socialise, do chores, or enjoy a film or two.

  • Sex: Feminised
  • Flowering Type: Autoflowering
  • Genetics: Forbidden Runtz Auto
  • Genotype: Indica 65% | Sativa 35%
  • Flowering: 9 Weeks
  • Seed to Harvest: Around 65 Days
  • Yield: 450 - 550gr/m2 | 50 - 150 gr/plant
  • Height: 90 - 130cm
  • THC: Up to 26%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Taste: Sweet, Earthy, Vanilla

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Under Section 6 of the UK Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 it is an offence to cultivate any plant of the genus Cannabis in the UK without a license from the Secretary of State.All seeds are sold as souvenirs only. Due to the fact that some countries legally allow growing of hemp seeds some specifics are documented. This data is normally distributed via the World Wide Web and is available internationally. It is supplied to us by the breeder. Ali Bongo can accept no responsibility if you choose to break the law. Please don't.


Breeder: Fast Bud Seeds
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor & Outdoor
Flowering Type: Autoflowering
Flowering Time: 8 to 10 Weeks
Indica or Sativa: Indica Dominant
Outdoor Harvest Time: Unknown
Sex: Feminised

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