CBD It CBD Isolate 99.9% 500mg

The purest, most powerful form of CBD! CBD It CBD Isolate 99.9% 500mg.

CBD It CBD Isolate 99.9% 500mg

Ultra pure Crystalline CBD isolate in a 500mg branded jar. This is CBD in it's purest, crystalline form; the most powerful punch of CBD you can get your hands on!

There are many ways to consume CBD isolate, the most popular way being through ingestion by holding it under your tongue when mixing with coconut oil, or by vapourising.

For more information on how to consume this pure CBD isolate check out this webpage.

Each container has 0.45g of CBD Pure Isolate.

ingredients: Organic Cannabidiol (Assay 99.91%). Contains no THC

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Breeder: CBD Products - Not Seeds
CBD - Brand: CBD It
CBD - Type: CBD Pure Isolate
CBD - Strength: 500mg