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Bomb Seeds - Banana Bomb Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Take it from Bomb Seeds; if you're on the hunt for something strong and fruity but want something a little different, Banana Bomb is your gal.

Bomb Seeds - Banana Bomb Feminised Cannabis Seeds

When Bomb Seeds bring a new strain to the scene you just know it's gonna' be straight up fire.

Banana Bomb is a cross between the award winning THC Bomb and a delicious gloopy Banana Kush. All of Bomb Seeds' varieties undergo rigorous testing before they're released; power, yield and taste are amongst the most important factors and Banana Bomb explodes with each of them.

The parentage of Banana Bomb already ticks the yield and strength boxes so Bomb Seeds wanted to absolutely ensure that it oozes with sweet aromas and punches with fruitiness wich is why it was included in a THREE year breeding programme. Huge nugs hand from all of it's strong branches and sit gorgeously in crystals and resin. Sweet, exotic and tropical Banana aromas fill the grow room in the first stage of flowering which later turns into a classic Kush spice whilst still retaining that sweet fruitness that is the staple of this strain.

Don't start to think the THC content has been compensated by these taste tantalising traits though. Banana Kush, even with a standard set up with normal soil and little nutrients will clock impressive yields of flowers with over 20% THC. Bomb Seeds' varieties are known for their explosive power.

Although Banana Bomb leans more towards the Indica side of the genotype it'll still give the consumer a heady buzz at first which later leads to a more relaxed state thanks to the Kush lineage, not so relaxed that you can't contemplate the world but pretty damn relaxed (you'll wanna find somewhere comfortable and cosy to sit).

Growing indoors; it may be worth thinking about training but it's not absolutely essential, it's not a massive plant but it can stretch if left to it's own devices and reach heights of 120 - 140cm. Outdoors though, with lots of sunlight and a decent soil you might witness this lovely fruit-laden lady to reach 3m (or even more!) in height.

Take it from Bomb Seeds; if you're on the hunt for something strong and fruity but want something a little different, Banana Bomb is your gal.

  • Sex: Feminised
  • Flowering Type: Photoperiod
  • Genetics: THC Bomb x Banana Kush
  • Genotype: Indica Dominant Hybrid
  • Flowering Time: 7 - 9 Weeks
  • Outdoor Harvest Time: September - October
  • Yield: Large -  500 - 600g/m2
  • THC: Strong - 20% (or over)

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Under Section 6 of the UK Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 it is an offence to cultivate any plant of the genus Cannabis in the UK without a license from the Secretary of State.All seeds are sold as souvenirs only. Due to the fact that some countries legally allow growing of hemp seeds some specifics are documented. This data is normally distributed via the World Wide Web and is available internationally. It is supplied to us by the breeder. Ali Bongo can accept no responsibility if you choose to break the law. Please don't.


Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
Indica/Sativa: Indica Dominant
Strains: Kush Strains
Flowering Time - Outdoor: Unknown
Type: Feminised Seeds
Photoperiod/ Autoflowering: Photoperiod
Flowering Time - Indoor: 8 to 10 Weeks
Breeder: Bomb Seeds